Thinking about selling your Santa Clarita home?


Or looking to buy real estate in Santa Clarita?


We know how you feel: there are hundreds of real estate agents in Santa Clarita to choose from. And many people have felt this way. And with so many agents to chose from – why choose Bob Boog Realty?

People like us because we are a LOCAL shop and mortar company. We do not work out of home or a space in a garage —  nor do we have a mailing address in San Ramon. You can stop by our office on Lyons Avenue anytime, after work or before work and someone will probably be here.

We are not a big box store – in fact, our team consists of four agents. Yet we have managed to stay in business since 1978 using some of the same principles and guidelines that worked back then, along with newer strategies such as using social media, email marketing and video technology to help market your property.

Our goal is and always has been to help you obtain the BEST possible sales price, the MOST favorable terms and the LEAST inconvenience possible.  We care about the sale of your property.

What this means to you is that we KNOW how stressful home selling can be. Even if your property is a place you just inherited and you don’t care about it. Or you’re a homeowner facing foreclosure and you can’t sleep. We have helped people in 1031 tax exchanges, in bankruptcy, getting divorced and we even managed to close escrow two days prior to a Trustee Sale Auction. So if you feel stressed out about getting divorced, or filing for bankruptcy or having two house payments, call us. (Yes, people often will purchase a home while the old home still has not sold.)  Are you in charge of selling the old family home and wondering whether it is worth fixing up and spending money or selling it “as-is”?

YUP – we can help you.

Because we have a proven track record of selling homes in Santa Clarita as well as knowledge and expertise – we’d like nothing more than to go to work for you – and help sell YOUR Santa Clarita home. Our motto was given to us in 1982 by a client, who said, “You are someone I feel I can trust. I just feel comfortable with Bob Boog Realty.”

Se habla espanol and Notary Public too

sell your santa clarita home with Bob Boog Realty
Sell your Santa Clarita home with Bob Boog Realty