Frequently Asked Questions about Santa Clarita and Santa Clarita Homes

Question. What communities comprise the city of Santa Clarita?

A. The city of Santa Clarita consists of the communities of Newhall, Saugus, Valencia and Canyon Country.

Question Which real estate company is the oldest in Santa Clarita,Ca?

A. Bob Boog Realty is the oldest real estate company in Santa Clarita. It was started in 1978.

Question What are some things buyers should know about Santa Clarita?

A. Many homes in Santa Clarita have CC&Rs along with homeowner associations which means that there are rules, regulations and covenants in place so people can’t park their cars in the front lawn or paint their home lime green. It helps protect the neighborhood values, but it does limit your home ownership.

santa clarita street

Question: What is a Mello-Roos fee? Why do some homes in Santa Clarita have this fee? And how much are they?

A. The Mello-Roos fee is a charge for a builder to construct a new home and use the existing community services. (Builders pass the fee on to their buyers so it shows up on the homeowner’s property tax bill.) This fee helps pay for infra-structure systems like sewer and water as well as for new roads, bridges and schools. Mello-Roos fees tend to hover around the $1,800 – $3,000 mark depending upon the size of the house. After 20 years, the Mello Roos fee usually disappears. Why do these fees exist? Again, the home has to be NEWER or there is NO Mello-Roos fee.

Question . What are some other things buyers should know before purchasing a home?

A. A buyer should know that there will be closing costs in addition to the down payment and run about 3% of the sales price of the home. So for a home that is listed for $500,000 the closing costs will be about $15,000.

santa clarita pool
a swimming pool in Santa Clarita

Question How much does an average home inspection cost?

A. The price of a home inspection depends upon the company & inspector as well as the size of the home and if the house has a swimming pool or not. Figure about $450 for the average cost of a home inspection. This money is paid upfront by the buyer. The seller generally does NOT pay for it.

Question Besides the home inspection, are there any other “upfront” costs a buyer should be aware of?

A. Besides paying for a home inspection, the buyer will also pay for the appraisal which costs another $450.